Our Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Foundation is to assist Christian individuals with identified leadership history, high academic achievement and financial need with academic, vocational and ministry training to further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Guidelines: The following are the items we consider when evaluating Applications:
  1. Christian testimony - the board is interested in hearing about your faith journey and how God is actively teaching and guiding you;
  2. Verifiable leadership activity including but not limited to: academic clubs and programs, athletic leadership, worship teams, church leadership positions, campus leadership positions, and mentor relationships;
  3. G.P.A. (recent, as well as cumulative);
  4. Financial need, expressed through FAFSA and Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If you are unable to provide FAFSA documentation, please provide your parents' tax returns (last two years).
Please, undergraduate students of regionally accredited colleges and universities only. We do not have capacity to consider graduate school applications.

The Application Process: The application process for 2022 is now closed.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt by the Foundation of a fully complete application package was May 31, 2022. If the application package is incomplete for any reason the Foundation is not obliged to notify the applicant and the Foundation is under no obligation to consider an incomplete application package. It will take us a little over a month to consider the hundreds of applications we normally receive and usually notifications of awards are sent in July. Not all who apply will receive an award.

Please note that the Application for the 2023-2024 academic year will be available in early 2023.

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