The Application Cycle for 2021 Is Now Open!

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Foundation is to assist Christian individuals with identified leadership history, high academic achievement and financial need with academic, vocational and ministry training to further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Guidelines: The following are the minimum guidelines that must be met before a candidate will be considered for scholarship:
  1. Christian testimony, and verifiable Christian leadership.
  2. Entering undergraduate studies, or currently attempting to attain an undergraduate degree. (We are a small foundation and unable to consider graduate school applicants.)
  3. 3.0 G.P.A. or better.
  4. Financial need. We consider FAFSA determinations, and if those are not available we consider parents' incomes (usually cannot exceed $75,000 per year). Foundation students' natural and step parent's incomes are included in that income ceiling.
  5. Primary residence or attending college must be in California, Oregon, or Washington.
(Please note, Guideline #5 is due in part to a decline in our investment portfolio and also a desire on the part of the Board to interview applicants and to have more personal contact with recipients.)

Please see the Application and printed instructions for complete guidelines

The Application Process: This Website contains the following forms which can be downloaded for completion:

(1) Application Cover Sheet (to assist you in making certain you have provided the requested information;)

(2) the Application itself;

(3) Leadership Assessment Form; and

(4) Ministry Reference Form.

All of these forms as well as the information and documents referenced or requested in them must be received in one package by the deadline of May 17, 2021, in order for you to be considered.

The above-listed forms are presented in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have that program available you can download it for free by going to Adobe's website and following the instructions and icons at that website for “Acrobat Reader” (the “free” download). Of course, you can always mail a request for these forms to us at the above address.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt by the Foundation of a fully complete application package is May 17, 2021. If the application package is incomplete for any reason the Foundation is not obliged to notify the applicant and the Foundation is under no obligation to consider an incomplete application package. It will take us a little over a month to consider the hundreds of applications we normally receive and usually notifications of awards are sent in June. Special consideration is given to minority students. Not all who apply will receive an award.

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